Advisory & Delivery Excellence

Federal agencies operate in an increasingly complex environment where data is abundant, legislative requirements and policies change overnight, and technology moves more rapidly than ever. Our advisory team members embrace that complexity, working alongside clients to plan, evaluate, and measure the effectiveness of programs to drive sustainable changes that support their mission. We believe that success starts with understanding our client’s mission. From there, we help clients make informed decisions that encourage smart innovation aligned to mission outcomes.  

Customer Experience (CX)
Creating efficient, equitable, and positive experiences for citizens.

DEVELOPMENT: MetaPhase leads in Customer Experience (CX) innovation, aligning with the Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government. We've executed CX-focused strategies, improving stakeholder engagement and digital experiences for citizens across the federal government.

SOLUTIONS: MPC tailors every CX solution to our client needs and utilizes industry best practices that integrate our program evaluation approach to ensure efficient and innovative delivery. We take a human centric, data-driven approach for all CX challenges, including supporting maturity self-assessments, designing surveys to collect customer feedback, producing action plans to support measurable progress, and designing tailored stakeholder engagement and communications plans.

SERVICES: Human centered design, change management, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement.

Strategy and Program Evaluation
Visioning, planning, and transformative program evaluation. Our approach integrates strategy and evaluation to drive mission outcomes.

STRATEGY: In our experience across nearly a dozen agencies, strategy and evaluation are more than developing a vision statement or logic model that sits on a shelf gathering dust. As President Eisenhower said, “plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” 

APPROACH: Central to our strategic planning method is the belief that it is a process, not an event. We begin with visioning and an environmental scan helping clients anticipate the future by imagining possibilities and estimating probabilities. Through predictive analytics, trend analysis, and qualitative research, we present the landscape on which strategic planning depends. We then help our clients to develop and articulate realistic but ambitious goals that take risks and constraints into account. We help organizations understand when to pivot their strategy by developing performance indicators according to our program evaluation methodology.

METHODS: MetaPhase enhances the utility of program evaluation by injecting scientific rigor, advanced data analytics, and deep federal agency insights. We adapt standard methodologies like formative, implementation, and outcome evaluation to meet regulatory requirements such as the Evidence Act and subsequent Office of Management and Budget guidance. Our expertise turns compliance into strategic value, driving mission advancement. Specializing in software/platform evaluation, performance measurement, and organizational assessments, we’ve empowered federal agencies to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and future-proof their workforce.

SERVICES: Strategic planning facilitation; strategic plan development and revision; program evaluation, policy evaluation, organization evaluation, evaluation capacity building, performance data collection instrument development, Evidence Act toolkit implementation,  learning agenda development, research design.

IT Portfolio Management
Delivering measurable achievements and optimization for Federal IT Transformation

MEASURABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: MetaPhase has led Enterprise-wide, Bureau, and Program-level IT Portfolio Management Support for Federal IT organizations where we have positioned our Federal IT customers to achieve its mission and Enterprise IT strategic goals to enable Digital Transformation. We consider the critical dimensions of People, Process, Technology and Data to support the development of strategic key performance indicators to measure progress.

OPTIMIZATION: We leverage technology solutions to streamline IT Portfolio Management  processes through automation, business process reengineering, and utilizing system of record data as a strategic asset, including solutions using ServiceNow, Oracle Primavera, Proven Optics, MS Power Platform (PowerBI, Power Automate), and GSA Folio to manage over $8 Billion in Federal IT spending.