Digital Services

From strategy and governance to cybersecurity and DevSecOps as well as implementation and compliance, MetaPhase Consulting delivers at the intersection of mission and technology to ensure that technology is a force multiplier for agency services and not an impediment to new agency capabilities and processes.

Cloud Enablement
Driving cloud enablement for agile infrastructure evolution.

GUIDED SUPPORT: Cloud enablement encompasses strategic assessment and governance of cloud transition, alongside tactical buildout and support of cloud services. We guide agencies from legacy architectures to smart-scaling cloud infrastructure, optimizing operational budgets.

AUTOMATION: Our comprehensive support covers every stage of the cloud journey, starting with assessing current cloud maturity and providing a transition roadmap. We then define a cloud-agnostic solution and create an iterative release plan for platform engineering, ensuring automated cloud capabilities for organizations.

MAXIMIZED EFFICIENCY: MetaPhase drives cloud enablement, empowering agencies to navigate the transition seamlessly and maximize the efficiency of their cloud-based infrastructure. From initial assessment to final implementation, we're with you every step of the way.

Accelerating deployment for complex IT environments.

APPROACH: Our DevSecOps approach embraces the complexity of IT environments and platforms and provides a series of automated solutions that dramatically reduces the time needed to move agency services from idea to Production.

STREAMLINED RESULTS: MetaPhase streamlines solution development for agencies, recognizing the importance of adapting to increasingly complex IT landscapes. With our DevSecOps approach and automated CI/CD pipelines, we accelerate the journey from concept to production, enhancing efficiency and security.

User Experience
Driving user-centric design for seamless interactions and lasting impact.

KEEPING THE USER IN MIND: MetaPhase Consulting specializes in creating intuitive, human centered designs that simplify complex processes for end users and provide friction-free interactions that keep users engaged with agency solutions.

DEEP UNDERSTANDING: Our team focuses on leveraging Design Thinking and popular User Experience (UX) methodologies to craft the right product for all stakeholders. Whether we are defining user personas, developing journey maps that chart their progress as they interact with a product, or conducting user workshops to better understand an organization’s ways of working, we gain deep understanding of the context and culture surrounding a new product.

ALWAYS EVOLVING: We involve the user throughout our delivery lifecycles by building wireframes and prototypes and soliciting feedback before proceeding through development. We gauge reactions to releases and iteratively evolve our solutions to provide joyful experiences that users choose to return to.

Agile Development
Driving flexibility, collaboration, and customer-centricity for efficient, transparent delivery.

AGILE DELIVERY: MetaPhase excels in Agile delivery by leaning into the flexibility, collaboration, and customer-centricity of Agile while tailoring Agile frameworks to work in our customers’ organizations. Agility is a core competency at MetaPhase, and we run our internal business using Agile frameworks, and employ Agile on non-software development projects as well.

TRANSPARENCY: We react to feedback in every iteration, and we commit to full transparency in our projects. Our commitment to Agile not only fosters innovation and efficiency but also ensures that the final product truly reflects the evolving requirements of federal agencies and their stakeholders.

Guard, fortify, and ensure compliance for resilient infrastructure and secure operations,

GUARD: We offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity that encompasses risk assessment, advanced threat monitoring, incident response, and the deployment of cloud security technologies.

FORTIFY: We perform security assessments, including penetration testing and continuous monitoring, and we identify, analyze, and mitigate vulnerabilities proactively. Our approach not only defends against immediate threats but also establishes a resilient and secure digital infrastructure.

COMPLIANCE: We also specialize in ensuring compliance with Federal FISMA and NIST standards, and help teams navigate the often complex process of achieving an Authority to Operate (ATO). We bring these skillsets and a proactive security mindset to all of our delivery work, across cloud, platforms, and DevSecOps.